Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @

Monday, November 10, 2008 @ wonderful yet sucky.
I always been looking forward for the date 11th in every month.
And tmr I guess I will have the greatest one uh? Totally sucks.
I'm happy that he called. But disappointed its on the 11th.

Darling! I'm in a mess nowwwwwww ): I don't know what to do! ):

P/S: I kinda miss last time when I'm alone wondering here and there
with no worries :/ But still he never fail to at least make me smile.
But I wna laugh not smile onlyyyyyyy!

I'm afraid that after tmr we will no longer be talking? And I don't know
should I talk much or not? Aiya. Fuck la! Cb.

Sunday, November 09, 2008 @ cross this mind.
Hello world! :D
Pictures of ystd steamboat with darling, mabelynn, cass, daniel and jianda! (:

Ystd boyfriend came to my house together dom, jj and fransis to help
me paint my room! Love him to e max! :D After painting.
Smth happen. So had a little short talk with boyfriend, dom and jj.
And so when finish painting I was late meeting darling.

And so quickly bath and bus down to Novena (:

After meeting them when to meet boyfriend. As we are gonna
go down drinking to celebrate rhuben's birthday. Suppose to celebrate
it on friday. But rhuben wasn't free.

So we went to serangoon garden to their pub. And when they saw rhuben's
face. They straight asked for IC -.- Like I first time kena this type lo.
When we go boat quay people also ask leh! LOL!
So ended up at amber (: Boyfriend open martell for his good brother lo.
But only boyfriend, chia wee and rhuben and me drinking nia :\

Oh I made chia wee damn drunk! LOL! :D And rhuben was high lo.
Cause I sabo them drink until damn jia lat. Only boyfriend
I never sabo lo! And so sent them home alrdy, boyfriend damn high.
And act as if he is drunk can't walk properly and it was like raining lo.
SIAO ONE! But I love him :D Well no pictures, cause I never bring my
camera out with me :O

Well that's all. Toodles!~
P/S: Darling, thanks for always being there for me (: Iloveyou.

@ for you rebecca tan (:
I think I did a GREAT JOB for making you dislike me that much?
Hohohoho! So what if you go around saying I'm with my sister EX!
Does that matters? What century alrdy? I don't care anymore.

You wna whack me? Come'on then. I'LL BE WAITING.
Wna play, play big one. Don't come with small one alright?
Oh, I'm not president. Thanks for thinking that way(:
I'm just ordinary person named tham xiao hui bernice.

Crocodile act? Hmmm, in that case should I join mediacorp a not?
I scare I cannot get in leh? I'm fat. I know myself. SO?!
And I really never act lo, is really I did nothing to let you
talk so rudely. And for you to say that my boyfriend is only after my money.
And saying you wna enjoy my money? FAT HOPE TO YOU TOO :D

I don't wna get into this so much alrdy. Cause I'm happy now and
not wanting anyone to spoil it! (: Take good care of yourself uh!
Hope you can take the truth and facts. And continue to point everything
on me then. I don't care seriously. Wna go to the news a not?
Play bigger la? Lame. And I really can't be bother after this post alrdy.
Oh I don't need you to acknowledge. I only need my boyfriend's dad can lo.

Wna tag me, blog about me? GO ON. No matter how many things
you write. I'm still living in this world HAPPILY! (:

Saturday, November 08, 2008 @ where did I go wrong?!
Hello people.
Well just bare with all my wordy post. Now this will be a
wordy post too (: Now I'm feeling damn piss? Or upset?
I don't really know what I'm feeling either :/
Well things goes like this.

To someone(ss). You never even hear my side of story.
And yet you scolded him like as if he is a baddie? Oh. Or you say
even much more things which I never get to hear?
Totally wtf!

And to you (rt). How do you want me to see till ya when I know
you say me till like that? Totally wtf? I understand how is it like
losing someone suddenly when last time you guys were super close together.
I've got that before. Still I go on. But you say which makes me felt
like I neglected you and his family r/s. Which makes me feel bad.

But is it my fault? I don't think so. I meant who will like when others
say them like that? Well if you only tell him I'm ok leh?
How people will look at me?! I know friends will tell me that:
Aiya no need to care what people thinks about you.

But somehow you will still care how people look/think at you, ya?
I mean its like natural reaction. And she have someone to listen
and help her to talk out her feeling and let him know. BUT WHO LISTEN
MINE AND TELL HIM?! Yes, I do have friends listening and
telling me what to do. But its like got people shield for her leh!
ME LEH? I have to be understanding, I have to give in.

YES I CAN DO THAT! Cause I know she's young. But how long
can I stand it? Its like well I have limits? AND FEELINGS!
That's one of human 5 sense leh. GOSH! I REALLY DON'T KNOW
WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!

How long does things gotta last? I really wna talk to her about this.
But she's like so young and wouldn't understand. And then everyone
will start thinking like I'm bullier? I don't wna him to get into
sucha HARD SITUATION. I really don't know howwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Thursday, November 06, 2008 @
Hello world!
Today gonna be a good girl staying at home :D
Oh and finally I clear my room and gonna revamp it by next
monday I guess? You'll never know how messy it was
in my room last time. One word: HORRIBLE!

Due to my sister and my lazy-ness we cause big mess.
And its real big mess! Gonna paint and buy new furniture.
Well will upload a picture of my room when its all done!
And big thanks to sister for clearing the room for me(:

Well no pictures currently. But soon it will have lo!
As tmr is rhuben birthday together with boyfriend's mommy
birthday. So happy birthday rhuben and boyfriend's mom! (:

Today on msn had a great chat with darling but half when she
is having lunch I fell asleep :O Sat meeting her and co. for steamboat!
As I said soon I will be uploading quite a number of pictures! :D

And last but not least,


oh hello stranger
Hello, love it or hate it. Makes no
difference to me, but best is to love it (:

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